This is the only exercise that we should practice daily, according to one of the best cardiologists in Spain.

The Cardiologist José Luis Zamorano is vice president of the European Society of Cardiology and Head of the Cardiology Service of the Ramon y Cajal Hospital. He has just received the highest award that the Royal National Academy of Medicine awarded each year. Expert in non-invasive diagnosis of the cardiovascular pathologist has shared in an interview on the radio what is, in his opinion, the best exercise What can we do every day? keep our heart strong and healthy.

The best exercise for your heart can be practiced every day

Walking improves our health f

Walking improves our physical and mental health. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stroll along the beach.Gtres

Dr. José Luis Zamorano says that in addition to avoid tobacco emphatically and without concessions – “Not only am I going to die, I’m going to die badly,” he says – and to practice a Mediterranean diet healthy, there is an exercise that we can practice every day to keep our heart healthy and fit: walk. “It should be a national sport,” she has said. For the cardiologist it is essential walk every day between 35 or 40 minutes and, especially at sunset. “Lipidic metabolism is done fundamentally at night so that, this sunset walkit will improve my physical capacity, my metabolism, my hypertension…”. And he adds: “When you start practicing it, you realize that there are real professionals in the ride on the street with whom you pass every day. They are not talking, they are listening to music, for example”.

What is not good for the heart according to the cardiologist

On the other hand, the doctor totally discourages a widespread practice: that of give yourself a sports beating on the weekend cycling 40 kilometers or running a marathon. In addition, whenever exercise is practiced, it should be with training, warm-up and stretching to end. For the doctor it is very important to have control over the great enemies of the heart:

  • The tobacco. Absolute prohibition. “It is a poison for our organism.”
  • Take care of LDL cholesterol. “The lower, the better.”
  • monitor the hypertension Next to the diabetes. “Silent diseases that are related to being overweight”.
  • The sedentary lifestyle and the stress of the western lifestyle.

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