This is the only year in which it is convenient to buy an iPhone: it will be much cheaper

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  • The best year to buy iPhone: it will be very cheap
  • What does the new iPhone 15 cell phone bring?

Apple prepares very good news for the release of the iPhone 15 this year. Not for the reasons the company expected, though. Apple believes that this year will be more complicated than expected and therefore seeks to have a different advantage for the launch of its new iPhone 15 in 2023.

The company is working Two new strategies to be able to compete with the new cell phones that will come out this year, from brands like Samsung and Xiaomi to Motorola; the most sold brand in Argentina.

The The biggest concern comes from the poor performance of the iPhone 14. Apple wants to reverse history and that the new iPhone 15 be a real success.

The best year to buy iPhone: it will be very cheap

After the iPhone 14 did not have the expected performance, the manufacturer Apple will look for the new iPhone 15 has a much more affordable price. The idea is to combine the technological improvement with a more accessible price. According to estimates, The price of the new iPhone will start at $799, making it $100 cheaper than last year’s model.. In turn, the price of the new equipment will push the iPhone 14 -which will already become an obsolete model- to a base price of US$599.

What’s more, the company is thinking of withdrawing its cheap models (the SE) from the market so that there is no competition between the iPhone 14 and the most economical models of the brand.

The bad news is that the highest quality iPhone 15 – the Ultra model – it would be more expensive than the iPhone 14 of the same category.

What does the new iPhone 15 cell phone bring?

Although nothing is confirmed yet, it is speculated that the new iPhone will have several changes. The iPhone 15 could be the first to have the USB-C port, leaving behind its own standard and adopting a more traditional model.. It is also believed that they would have up to 8GB of RAM and the A17 model chip, which would give you more autonomy but not more performance.

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