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Given the global strengthening of the dollarthe weight Mexican currency depreciated at the beginning of the week and today, Tuesday, January 17, it continues that trend by trading at around 18.8017 pesos per greenback, a loss of 0.16% or 0.0301 cents.

In yesterday’s session, the weight ended at 18.78 pesos per dollarone cent more than its previous closing, with the exchange rate marking a minimum of 18.73 and a maximum of 18.85 pesos per dollar, which represented the first setback of the local currency so far in 2023, but it is still in his best level since 2019.

This week in the United States, investors await statements by Federal Reserve (Fed) officials regarding monetary policy in the country, as well as the publication of the producer price inflation report.

Today the peso is at 18.80 pesos for purchase and 18.8186 pesos for sale. Here the dollar exchange rate in the main banks of Mexico, today Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

To purchase:

  • Banorte buys at 17.70 pesos
  • Affirm purchase at 17.90 pesos
  • BBVA Bancomer buys at 18.15 pesos
  • Banco Azteca buys at 18.15 pesos
  • Citibanamex buys at 18.22 pesos
  • Banco del Bajío buys at 18.30 pesos
  • Scotiabank buys at 18.39 pesos
  • HSBC buys at 18.38 pesos
  • Inbursa buys at 18.40 pesos
  • Santander buys at 19.53 pesos

For sale:

  • Banco Azteca sells for 18.89 pesos
  • BBVA Bancomer sells at 19.07 pesos
  • sells for 19.10 pesos
  • HSBC sells at 19.11 pesos
  • Scotiabank sells at 19.13 pesos
  • Citibanamex sells for 19.26 pesos
  • Affirm sells at 19.30 pesos
  • Inbursa sells at 19.40 pesos
  • Banco del Bajío sells for 19.50 pesos
  • Santander sells at 21.06 pesos

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