This is the project that Nicole Kidman turned down to be Atlanna.

Nicole Kidmanour precious queen atlanna in Aquaman he had to turn down a role so that he could end up being a part of this great movie. By the way, have you heard that we will have at king of the seven seas by Aztec 7? East sunday july 31 at 9 at night we will have the platinum premiere of Aquaman and you can’t miss it!

Although this is the second time we see Nicole Kidman in a superhero moviewas about to play another mythical queen, guess who it is?
Nicole was about to represent hippolytamother of Princess Diana in Wonder WomanBut why didn’t he keep that role? It happens that although the people of Warner He looked for her and they proposed to interpret the queen of the amazons, Kidman had to turn down the role to return to the world DC due to scheduling issues since the filming of another project was about to begin.
Though Nicole had already accepted the role, he had to go back, but this did not stop here since some time later the opportunity arose to give life to Atlanna.

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How did Nicole Kidman agree to be Atlanna?

The actress began to follow the work of the director of Aquaman, james wan from years ago when he found out that he would make an interesting film proposal. Nicole She is a fan of some film directors, when she likes the work of one of them, she follows them and is interested in their projects. From there it was like her response to the proposal to interpret Atlanna It was a “yes” without thinking twice.
Since James and his team began working on the artwork for the film, at Atlanna I always put the face of Kidman, because? Well it turns out wan always imagined Nicole as the queen of atlantis (when they still didn’t even contact her), but because of that, Warner looked for Nicole and as a first response they received a:

Oh she loves James work, she loves James

After the positive response from the team of Kidman, james wan and she began to talk about the proposal, the project and her character, to which she told how the meeting between the two was.

I knew James Wan was going to do something interesting and really fun and I’ve wanted to work with him since he started in Australia with a low-budget horror film; and I have followed his career from there. Then he showed me some of the drawings that he was doing and said ‘Look, this is why you have to be in the movie, because I’ve drawn it to look like you’

Although we would definitely have loved to see Nicole Kidman as the queen hippolytawithout a doubt the wonderful role he played in Aquaman as the queen and mother of Arthur Curry He left us impressed by his great work.

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