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DESPITE from being an important anniversary, in which, supposedly, Venevisión will “throw the house out the window”, the secrecy that surrounds what is being prepared to celebrate the date, continues to be a “retaining wall” for the media. The scarcity of information about the 70th edition of Miss Venezuela does not shed any light on what will be seen on the screen next September. The only thing that has leaked to the press is the closing of the application process and the pass to the Comprehensive Face-to-face Evaluation (EPI), which will be held for the fifth year to choose the candidates who will carry the sash from each region. “We are very pleased with the call,” said María Gabriela Isler, director of communications and training for the event.

THE ROLL of Shakira and Piqué continues in the pillory. And now it is said that the Barcelona defender no longer hides his new conquest from the public. According to the “Periódico de Catalunya” the soccer player and the girl, whose identity could not be specified, walked through the streets of a town on the Catalan coast, although there is no graphic record of the moment. Journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, from the Mamarazzis podcast, pointed out that the couple spent several hours in a very affectionate attitude. Piqué’s friends assured the ABC newspaper in Spain that he did not betray Shakira, since his relationship with the singer had long ended, however, it was she who decided to delay the statement to the media.

INSISTENT RUMORS They maintain that it is definitely Ninoska Vásquez, and not Corina Smith, who is moving the floor for Brazilian soccer player Vinicius Jr. The alleged relationship between the two has been rolling for weeks, although the name of the urban singer appeared on the way , much was the confusion generated. On this occasion, according to the Spanish press, there is no doubt that she is the beautiful girl, the new owner of the Real Madrid striker’s little heart, whose fame as a womanizer is not free. “Ninoska Vásquez was seen in a match lifting Vinicius and then they left holding hands,” assured a Madrid newspaper. The Barquisimetan model won the first edition of Miss Earth Venezuela in 2017 and has made a solid career as a fashion designer abroad.

VERY EXCITED The singer and composer Enrique Barrios is out with the launch of the song titled “Te elijo a ti”. Based for several years in the Canary Islands, the former soloist of the Silva y Guerra orchestra does not stop working and dedicated to the promotion of this new musical creation, he also premieres the video that will reinforce it and in which the actors Flavia Gleske take part. and Rolando Padilla, who were directed by Reinaldo Díaz in the scenes of the audiovisual clip. The appreciated Venezuelan singer continues harvesting the romantic sauce and it can be said that he is one of the interpreters who bests the genre in the Spanish market. “I choose you” has returned the validity in the Venezuelan radio stations.

Enrique Barrios / FILE, ARCHIVE

TO ALMOST A decade after his death in a car accident on November 30, 2013 in California, Paul Walker will receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The remembered actor from “Fast & Furious” will be one of the three posthumous figures to receive the honor, as will Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore and Mexican Jenni Rivera. “The panel carefully selected these talented and never-forgotten individuals,” said Ellen K, chair of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame Selection Board. Vince Vaughn, Marc Anthony, Uma Thurman, and Ellen Pompeo will also receive their star in 2003.

Paul Walker / FILE, ARCHIVE


Diana Mendoza half of humanity has been thrown on top of it for its excessive religious fanaticism. Many have removed his body. The former Miss Universe has radicalized her position on certain issues.

Lilibeth Morillo does not stop in his attacks towards El Puma. And with a good load of irony he congratulated her mother, Lila Morillo, on her father’s day last. Until when the little war?

Maite Perroni cleared up rumors about her alleged pregnancy. The former RBD, who has romantic relationships with the producer Andrés Tovar, indicated that her rumors never affected her.

Maite Delgado He reconfirmed that he will not animate Miss Venezuela again… or any other beauty pageant! The beloved cheerleader seems to see this stage overcome.


Rene Velazco He left the roll and modesty and, as God brought him into the world, he is exhibited on his OnlyFans page. The exSalserin seems to move away more and more from music.

Miley Cyrus She declared, without embarrassment, how difficult her childhood was, despite having fulfilled her dream of being a Disney girl. The protagonist of Hannah Montana went viral through a revealing video.

Jennifer Lopez calls Ben Affleck “the most loving father” there is. The Bronx Diva’s fiancé responded to the compliment with a smile from ear to ear.

Liz He has returned to the top of the radio billboard with his beautiful version of the song “I’m in love.” The beloved singer is reviving her musical career.


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