This is the Scarlet Witch that Elizabeth Olsen wants

    Nicholas Hoult is not the only one who has expressed his opinion about the possible return of his character, Beast, to the X-Men that Marvel is preparing. So has Elizabeth Olsen. Let’s remember that the Scarlet Witch character was last seen in ‘Doctor Strange 2’, Marvel’s most surreal sequel, where she adopted a villainous role, while her fate was left up in the air after being crushed by a mountain .

    Elizabeth Olsen has expressed her wish for Scarlet Witch to have “a lot more humor” if he returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    During a new interview with ScreenRant, Olsen suggested that we could see a more light-hearted side to the character. if he does come back, which would certainly be a relief after the hell he’s been through.

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    “Now we can do anything with her!” said the actress. “I feel like we’ve done a lot. Now we can really have fun; I think you can do a lot more humor with it. It’s often the emotion of a story, and I’m curious to see what we can explore. And hopefully we can give him some redemption“.

    Back in September, Marvel boss Kevin Feige teased the possible ending to Scarlet Witch, pointing out that fans never saw a body at the end of Doctor Strange 2.

    “I don’t know if we saw her under the rubble?” he told Vanity Fair. “I saw a tower collapsing, and a little red flash. I don’t know what that means.”

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    A possible way of return is the spin-off series of ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, the series that you should see even if you are not a fan of Marvel, the highly anticipated ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’which will feature the return of Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness.

    Although Olsen has not confirmed his participation in the series, last year he declared several times that he wanted to be part of the cast.

    The actress added to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “We thought, ‘God, we have to do it again! We had a great time doing ‘Scarlet Witch and The Vision,’ and with Paul Bettany it was a very special time, so we’d love to get the gang back together“. Will we see her in Phase 5 of Marvel?

    Sam Warner is Digital Spy’s freelance news reporter.

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