This is the simple exercise that prolongs life the most

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the great challenges of the 21st century, since our lifestyle promotes it more and more. This supposes a serious health problemsince severe lack of activity is one of the most significant risk factors for accelerating all-cause mortalityas warned by a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Sport is our main weapon to combat it. Putting it into practice, even in small doses, is already a great achievement for prevent diseases cardiovascular, diabetes, and even neurodegenerative. The question is what is the best exercise to achieve it?

The guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend practicing at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week or cardiovascular, which includes activities of low or moderate intensity that are carried out for a prolonged period of time, such as walk, run or swim. The evidence on its benefits is numerous, but more and more voices are recommending strength exercises, that is, anaerobic.

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This is the case of a new study published in the journal British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) which, after analyzing a sample of 104,000 participants, has concluded that the Weightlifting is even associated with 22% less of probabilities of Death risk for whatever reason.

A perfect combination

Achieving a higher or lower percentage depends on the Number of times practice lifting weights a week. For example, doing it once or twice in this period was associated with a 14% lower risk of death.

In addition, the research found greater benefits if, in combination with weight lifting, aerobic exercise was practiced. In this case, the risk of death was between 41% and 47% lower compared to those physically inactive people.

The problem is that a sedentary lifestyle is often caused by the frenetic pace of life, long working hours and commitments that prevent spending time exercising. Well, according to the latest research, this would not be a serious problem either, since it only takes take a little time every day.

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Aerobic sport can be included in our routines by walking a few minutes each day. In addition, the WHO also indicates that you can reduce the amount of time you spend each week to 75 minutes If the intensity of the exercise increases to moderate. That is, instead of walking at a normal pace, walk faster.

In addition, this may be even more beneficial, since walking at a faster pace than normal was associated, in a study published by Jama Neurology, with a lower risk of developing dementia.

30 minutes is enough

Regarding the anaerobic, according to a study also published in the British Journal of Sports Medicinejust enough between 30 and 60 minutes to reduce mortality.

Some examples of this type of training are the aforementioned lifting weights, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, etc. That is, those who are high intensity and short duration.

The recent study of bjsmit is explained that one of the reasons why lifting weights and the like can be beneficial to health is because they achieve replace part of body fat mass with lean massthat which integrates the organs, bones and muscles, these last protagonists of anaerobic sport.

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In fact, Harvard University is also committed to this type of exercise to extend life. Specifically, it recommends working the muscle groups that make up the core: abdominal, lumbar and gluteal. Why these? Because they are key to supporting the back and movements that are so basic, but necessary, such as walking, sitting or balance.

suitable for everyone

However, the institution rules out basic sit-ups and squats from its recommendations, since they are not suitable for all ages. In their case, they bet on the plank, the bridge or the elevation of arms and legs. In an EL ESPAÑOL article we break down how to do it correctly and the benefits of each one.

as unique drawback of the new research bjsm, The authors clarify that, regarding the cancerthey did not find no evidence that exercise could reduce mortality from its cause.

However, there are professional oncologists who do work in the positive relationship between sport and cancer and, in fact, in the Community of Madrid there is already an oncology exercise unit.

Its director, the doctor in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Soraya Casla, told EL ESPAÑOL that exercise “first, prevents the appearance of cancer; second, it improves the health of patients who suffer from it and are receiving treatments and, third, it helps to live better and increase the survival of people who have had cancer and have undergone treatments”.

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