This is the song that Peso Pluma considers a “before and after” in his career.

featherweight has attracted attention in Mexico after tijuana Some banners with threats signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) were hung against him where he planned to appear on October 14.

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laiza, popularly known as featherweight, is on tour “Double P”, to bring his Corridos Tumbados to his fans all over the country. Singer of recent songs like El Azul, Lady Gaga and Ella dance alone, It was presented at the Arré Festival in Faro Sol.

However the singer’s fame rose like foam after collaborations with Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida, Luis R. Conriquez and Eslabón Armado. He himself has admitted this “El Bellicone” This was the song that marked the before and after phase of his career.

During a conversation with Julio Orozco for the “Abstractamante” podcast in 2022, the singer recalled his beginnings and revealed that at first “Peso Pluma” was intended as a band, but it kept changing until It did not become the project for which they identified themselves as a band. Member. Face and voice.

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Featherweights to perform at Billboard 2023

“I think it all started with Bellicón, man, the project grew and grew from “El Bellicón”, that was the song that put us on the map. From there I see a stream, man, that it now Ain’t no game, it ain’t no game no more Hobby“We already eat food from here,” the Corridos Tumbados artist said a year ago.

Furthermore, he shared that it is the composition of his cousin Roberto Laiza, who also sings and collaborates as a musician in the Paso Pluma project.

“At the time I was about to sign with Prajin and when I went, man, to Los Angeles with Prajin, I showed him the song and apparently he said, OK, we’ve got to try out for this mom, because this mom Maybe the fire and the rest is history,” he said.

He admitted that the fact that the song went viral on social networks became “a blessing”, noting that it could reach the whole world through platforms such as TikTok. Apart from this he has also received support from his record label Prajin Music Group.

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