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Netflix revealed the top 10 movies that captivated viewers in the country in the last week of March, between the 21st and 27th dates.

Action is the genre that most dominated the views on the streaming platform, along with “The Adam Project”, which consolidated its success with three consecutive weeks appearing at the top of the most viewed.

“The Gemini Project”, starring the man of the hour, Will Smith, has two weeks as the favorite. It is also accompanied by “Anna: The Danger Has a Name”, “Riesgo Bajo Cero” and other films.

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This is the top 10 movies on Netflix in the last week of March

1. “A Safe Place” (1 week in the top 10)

This is a romantic drama that revolves around the figure of a single mother who suffers from a terminal illness. As she faces her fate and deals with the future of her headstrong six-year-old son, she meets a nice bachelor with whom she connects from the first moment.

2. “Gemini Project” (2 weeks)

Henry Bogan (Will Smith), a hit man, intends to retire because he feels old. However, there is someone who is not willing to let him because he has the mission to kill him: a younger, faster and stronger clone of him.

3. “Black Crab” (2 weeks)

It is a Swedish action thriller set in a post apocalyptic world, devastated by war. During a long and harsh winter, six soldiers are sent across the frozen sea on a secret mission to transport a mysterious package that could end the war raging on the planet.

4. “Until We Meet Again” (2 weeks)

Salvador Campodónico is a young and successful Spanish businessman whose family owns the most important hotel corporation in all of Spain. For the construction of his first international project, they choose to land in Cusco.

It is in this mystical and magical place that Salvador meets Ariana, an adventurous backpacker who lives a life completely opposite to hers, free from ties.

5. “The dead do not die” (1 week)

In the small town of Centerville, the dead come back to life and a diverse group of characters will have to face them.

6. “Anna: The danger has a name” (2 weeks)

Beneath the hypnotizing beauty of Anna Poliatova (Sasha Luss) hides a secret that leads her to unleash unstoppable agility and strength, thus becoming one of the most feared assassins for hire by governments around the world.

7. “The Adam Project” (3 weeks)

Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) is a time traveler from the year 2050, who has ventured on a rescue mission to search for Laura (Zoe Saldana), the woman he loves, who was lost in the space-time continuum under mysterious circumstances. .

When Adam’s ship crashes, he is sent spiraling back to the year 2022, and to the only place he knows from this time in his life: his home, where his 12-year-old self lives.

8. “Risk below zero” (2 weeks)

A remote diamond mine has collapsed, trapping a group of miners in a remote and frozen region of Canada.

As part of a team hired to rescue them, an experienced ice plow driver (Liam Neeson) undertakes an impossible rescue, battling an icy road, thawing waters and a threat he doesn’t see coming.

9. “Ruby’s Rescue” (2 weeks)

Ruby has a lot of energy. Her original owner turned her over to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals due to her generally “ungovernable” personality.

10. “John Wick 2: A New Day To Kill” (1 week)

In New York, John Wick, a retired hit man, is back in action to exact revenge on the gangsters who took everything from him. (AND)

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