This is the trending hair color that was a sensation in the 90s

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One of the biggest 90s trends is back yes beauty we talk mainly about hairWell, a color that was one of our favorites will once again impose fashion and much more for this spring 2023.

It is the color called cherry coke hair that many of our favorite stars wore it in that decade such as ShakiraCrhistina Aguilera, Kelly Rowland, when she was part of Destiny’s Child with Beyoncé, among others.

And it is that this tone, conquered this year the fashion catwalks of Chanelso since then we knew that it would be a color that we would see in the hair of many, because today is the rojizo and copper.

Shay Mitchell sporting cherry coke hair. IG @shaymitchell

This will be a great bet mainly for the latinasbecause it is a color that is perfect on brown skin, although in reality it is one of the colors that suits all tones.

There has been such a boom for this color of the 90’s that it has already become a trend in the most important social networks such as TikTokbut here we will tell you a little more about this.

This is what cherry coke hair looks like

This dye shade has an interesting combination between the color brown (more vivid), as well as the reddish that gives an appearance of luminosity. As its name says, it refers to the famous soda from Coca Cola but in its flavor version cherry.

The way in which you can use this tone may vary but you will be the one who ultimately chooses, because you can dye all your hair with this tone or, do some wicks as Xtina did at the time, as well as something finer and even the famous balayage.

Within the cherry coke there are several versions, the one that is more attached to a tone dark brown or the one who wants to give our face more life with a reddish color.

Always remember to see an expert, as it is not an easy color to maintain, so you will have to touch up and do special washes, as well as maintain it for the hue and brightness.

One of our favorite stars who is currently wearing it and setting the trend is Gigi Hadid, who makes an intense but elegant tone look on her and who has known how to combine it with different hairstyles and makeup and those who have followed in her footsteps are Dove Cameron and Shay Mitchell.

Gigi Hadid. IG @gigihadid


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