This is the viral Tik Tok makeup trick (inspired by Japanese beauty) that will become your favorite

You only need two products to get it.

It’s not just a trend among Japanese women, the ‘White Blush’ we have also been able to see it these days reflected in the face of celebrities international as Emma Watson and national, as is the case of the influencer Maria Fernandez Rubies either Tamara Falco, when she reappeared after breaking up with her fiancé Iñigo Onieva. Both have set their sights on the Asian beauty to wear one of the new tik tok trends turned viral.

But,what is this about white blush? This is the latest trick that sweeps the social network par excellence, as far as makeup tips are concerned. A technique for which you only need two products: some mattifying setting powder and one pearlescent eyeshadow. The result, to illuminate and brighten the cheekbones with the sole purpose of making them appear bulkier.

María Fernández Rubíes at the Dior Beauty party. | Daniel Gonzalez / GTRES

Step by step: how to get bigger and brighter cheekbones, according to Tik Tok

Inspired by Japanese beauty, the WhiteBlash It is nothing more than a technique to brighten your cheeks. But, attention! before applying it you must prepare your skin correctly. Only then will you get the desired result. For this, from Sephora They propose us to follow in the footsteps of one of the influencers best known beauty of Tik Tok.

We talk about @Meghaesswho explains through a makeup tutorial what steps you must follow to get luminous cheekbones and wet effect.

@meghaess White Blush – yay or nay? #makeuptutorial #naturalmakeup #nomakeupmakeup #fullcoveragemakeup #glammakeup #editorialmakeup #makeuptrends ♬ Lights – Em1r

1. Carry out a deep cleansing of the faceusing your usual products.

2. Apply a moisturizing serumwhich provides a plus of luminosity to your face.

3. Massage the face while you put your day moisturizer.

4. Put a makeup base on your face. For it, You can help yourself with a brush to spread it better.

5. It is at this point that the white blush. To do this, you must blur the mattifying setting powder on the top of the cheekbones.

6. Next, and just above the cheekbones, you should work with a white eye shadow, extending the blur towards the temple area.

To get the WB you need these two Sephora products. The mattifying setting powder, vegan, with an ultra-fine texture, soft and silky, that smoothes the texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of pores. The price, 15.99 euros.

In addition to these powders, you need the eyeshadow Colorful Sephora Collection, with a slight tone pearly, high coverage and duration of up to 10 hours. The price, 6.99 euros.

But not only are there these tricks to get more eye-catching cheekbones, but Korean women love a formula that, we are convinced, you will love. It is about blurring the blush in the following way: 1) you should place on the back of your hand a generous amount of moisturizer and some drops of liquid blush; 2) with the help of a brush mix both products until a homogeneous tone is achieved and 3) apply the result from the apples of the cheeks towards the temples with upward movements.

This manual gets your cheeks looking that ‘wet effect’ that captures all the light from the environment and that maintains its naturalness and freshness, both day and night. Get this makeup thanks to the selection of products that we have prepared for you.

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