This is the zombie movie that was successful all over the world and now you can watch it for free like this

Not All Movies Are Equally Good, But The Truth Is That This Zombie Movie Was highest grossing film In his Brad Pitt days, and not only this, but it was a worldwide success even when it was yet to be released in many countries. To your luck, if you haven’t been lucky enough to see this title yet, which premiered in Spain in August 2013, you can now watch it for free with Skyshowtime’s 7-day trial.

note that once trial week From the streaming platform, you will have to pay 5.99 euros per month. For this reason, if you are already a subscriber and you do not need to do anything, we have come up with another option for you. Just enjoy this zombie movie.

watch world war z free

This title is starring Brad Pitt grossed over $540 million Whole world. In any case, if you do not know what awaits you in this movie, we will give you a brief summary.

based on max brooks novels, World War Z lets you watch as a zombie epidemic takes over the world and threatens to destroy humanity completely. To avoid it, they turn to a former UN investigator.

upon arrival of Zombie apocalypseThis former researcher makes a long journey around the world in search of a cure to protect the world’s population from the kind of virus that makes people aggressive. Furthermore, during his mission he has to find out where the infection comes from and how to stop it forever or at least for a while.

His trailerFor example, lets you already enjoy a bit of what awaits you in this movie. Because it’s packed with action and special effects that take anyone by surprise:

therefore, but Subscribe to Skyshowtime You can watch this movie for free. However, as we will see below, this is not the only platform on which this famous video game title is available right now. brad pitt, What is clear is that you will have some visuals to relax from whatever awaits you in this post-apocalyptic title.

do you have netflix?

On the other hand, if you are not subscribed to Skyshowtime and do not dare to try this platform, you may be interested to know that this zombie movie available on netflix, So if you already have a plan for this platform, then you can go any time to enjoy this title.

world War Z

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the exciting gerry lane story (Brad Pitt) in search of a cure that can end the disease so that all of humanity doesn’t become another zombie.

Good and bad

Despite the stellar numbers in this film, in which Brad Pitt appears as the protagonist, not all reviews are good. It’s true that it shines because of its history and special effects. Just as it shows a world engulfed in flames due to a disease that does not know its origin. Other than this, the plot is crazySo you’ll always know what might happen in the next scene.

However, there are also weak points. especially in his script, and all because it has been rewritten many times. So you can find many holes in its history. You will still be able to enjoy a movie with great visuals.

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