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Nightclubs are known for their large spaces for nightly entertainment, their lights and surround sound. Faced with this, a German company created the smallest nightclub in the world, where a person can dance until there is no tomorrow.

The discotheque is a place known for being an ideal meeting and entertainment point for young people and adults around the world.. Some of these sites lie in old ruins of warehouses, houses, warehouses or are constructions for nightlife.

The size is quite an important factor, since this way you can have a dance floor for more people or create spaces that are differentiated by their style of music. But that’s not all, well the sound, lighting effects and other disco features create an unforgettable experience.

In contrast to normal discs, iconic ideas have also emerged, like the smallest nightclub in the world. In it you can find almost everything for an entertainment experience, but in a small space and in the middle of a public thoroughfare.

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How can a nightclub be so small?

In the city of Madrid, in Spain, a small booth began to go viral, which can pass as a public bathroom or telephone booth, but in reality it is a discotheque. In it you can dance until there is no tomorrow, while enjoying your favorite song with an experience full of lights and other disco effects.

To use the smallest disco in the world, just follow their instructions:

1. Use the touch screen
2. Choose the song and the extras
3. Insert coins
Four. Dance like there’s no tomorrow
5. Pick up your photo (if you paid for the service)

The options to use the cabin, gives various possibilities and extras for a total experience. In the first option, you can only listen to one song, then you can add a memory photo or a video, or buy the package that includes everything. The cabin can accommodate a maximum of three people, since its space is approximately 1 square meter.

Among the songs that are in the list to select you find artists like OutKast, Prince, Lady Gaga, Spice Girls and many others. Although there was a new update in the Teledisko interface, where now you can select your favorite song from Spotify.

Origin of Teledisko

The original idea behind the smallest nightclub in the world takes us 8 years ago in Germany, where Benjamin Uphues, discovered that the German phone booths were out of use and wanted to give them another utility. So he bought a few booths and turned them into mini-discos, painting them bright colors like gold or green, adding strobe lights, a disco ball, and even smoke.

From there, having his first booth ready, he was moving the teledisko to various parts of Germany, both to events, fairs or in the middle of a crowded place during nights out. A use of the cabin during the duration of your favorite song has a price of 2 euroswhich can be doubled by adding an optional photo or video for each one.

I was inspired by many festivals, parties and magical moments that I have been chasing for a long time. The best of it, combined, was put in a small phone booth, giving rise to the teledisk”, commented Benjamin Uphues, its creator to Traveler.

Where is a teledisko booth

The projects under teledisko have not only been maintained in Germany, since they have also been to the German Institute of Culture in Mexico, to the Goethe-Institut in Madrid. There are currently 6 of these clubs worldwide, of which 3 are permanently located in Berlin.

The pink teledisko (the original one) is located in the Kater Blau club and works only when the venue is open. The golden teledisko is located in the RAW area in Berlin and works 24 hours a day and 7 days a weekwhile its version in blue, is in Holzmarkt running from 6 AM to 10 PM.

The German project also has 3 mobile telediskos in black, white and green, which can be scheduled anywhere in the world for any type of event that deserves special attention. According to the creator, the booth’s maximum record capacity is 10 people, but one person is enough to have a good time.

Although if 5 or 3 people enter, what happens on teledisko stays on teledisko…

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