This is what artificial intelligence is able to do in the music industry, which creates great controversy among artists.

Alefor artificial intelligence Each time it reaches more areas of our lives. In view of this, it starts a debate on how to use it and what are its limits. And the music industry has not been an exception either. AI Enabled song writing from scratch and imitate voices One of the most sought after singers who creates controversy in the art world.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities for listeners when it comes to consuming content from the music industry, while for the artists themselves it can create many barriers to continuing their careers.

Artists are against those who ask for limits

Important personalities in the music industry like sting one of two Ed Sheeran has taken a stand against the use of this technology. Both confirm that it can cause a number of problems, among other things creativity or copyright,

Faced with this situation, many artists ask whether a series boundaries so that his voice is not cloned, as has already happened with other singers bad bunny one of two Selena Gomez,

AI created songs

A 21-year-old young man from Chile creates music every day through artificial intelligence. “He’s never sung that song. You produce it, write it and sing it. The only function of artificial intelligence is to change your voice“, reveals.

However, it can also be used as musical instruments, Improving and improving songs, just like producers do in their work.

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