this is what bothers his son Max the most about his romance with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony brought into the world in February 2008 the twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian David Anthony, that in just over a month they will be 15 years old. The children of ex-spouses remain united and attached to each of their parents, and seem to have a healthy and understanding relationship.

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But there is something that happens to Max and that is also known to happen to some adolescents: rejection or annoyance at public displays of affection from their parents. In this case, the young man seems to disagree with the gestures that the singer has with Ben Affleck.

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The demonstrations of love between the actor and JLo they are constant and no longer hide how much they love each other, after having been separated for almost 20 years since their first stage as boyfriends in the 2000s. But it is precisely these acts that would be displeasing to Max and that is how it has been portrayed.

According to information collected by the National Enquirer, a source close to the family mentioned that Emme’s brother is Annoyed by the kisses that occur in public Ben Affleck and “the diva from the Bronx”. In this way, the young person tends to feel ashamed or uncomfortable and tends to look away.

Max has some discomfort at the moment his mother kisses Ben Affleck. Source: Instagram @benniferfanpage

This was demonstrated by some photographs that circulate on social networks, where the 53-year-old artist’s son is seen, looking the other way when the actors kiss at the exit of a store in Brentwood. Later, on another occasion and in another commercial parking lot, you can see how the 50-year-old producer hugs the young man to make him feel less uncomfortable in his presence. “She wouldn’t let him go without giving him a passionate kiss. you could see the discomfort on Max’s face when they were kissing. She just turned her back on him and fiddled with her cell phone until they were done,” the source told the outlet.

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