This is what Cairo, son of Eva de Dominici and brother of Penelope Cruz, looks like today: he is 4 years old and loves animals

His life changed radically when he moved to Eva de Dominici. angelwhere he has been living for years and has established a family Edward Crossbrother of actress and model Penelope Cruz,

Eva de Dominici shows her son’s face for the first time and it rains praise: “Bombone”

The model showed Cairo through social networks. Eva De Dominici and Eduardo Cruz were blessed with a son in 2019.

In this environment, the actress shared a collection of photos from her recent trip to the countryside, clearly surprising her followers. The rise of his son Cairo.

between different images, cairo She showed off her long hair, which was neatly arranged so that her face was not completely visible. Dominic wishes to keep his face anonymous to the network.

simultaneously, cairo Enjoyed interacting with the different animals on the farm horses and pigs, On the other hand, the video depicts the feeling of a child being close to nature. Amidst rural streets and celebrations, the son of the Argentine actress and Penelope Cruz’s brother enjoying the weekend,

Eva de Dominici moved to Cairo on a farm.

Cairo life with my parents

,i share a therapy topic, Parents of classmates from Cairo, gymnastics and any activity in which I write this does not fail, they are fans of it cleaning lady”Eva de Dominici’s description of Nadia’s character drew comparisons.

In turn, he added a connection between the character and his life with his son:I began to get ready to take my son, so that the gap between Nadia would always be warm, And I’m not that disgusting”He confessed and closed: “Let’s agree that Nadia set the bar very high.”

Eva de Dominici bored with Morocho

28 year old female She is extremely active on social platforms, especially on her Instagram account, where she surprised everyone with her recent look transformation.

Last year, she stunned her fans by changing her look, saying goodbye to her dark hair and going blonde. Eva has left her dark hair behind and now flaunts long hair with faded blonde hair and straight, tousled bangs.,

The publication received a great number of interactions and many compliments across social networks, as their followers posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

Eva De Dominici assures that her son may suffer from the same genetic problem as her: “Of course in Cairo there are these mutations”

Actress Eva De Dominici has assured that she can have another child despite having a genetic mutation, but pointed out that her son Cairo may also have the same mutation.

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