This is what Emilia Clarke would look like with the character of Mera in Aquaman 2

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They made it happen! A page took the photograph of the actress Emilia Clarketo simulate its appearance in the Mere’s role in Aquaman 2.

Many fans could not stand the constant request that the actress of game of Thronestake the co-star in this second installment about the ruler of Atlantis.

We know that artificial intelligence can work wonders when we talk about montages and artistic creations to know what would it look like (hypothetically) a certain character in any field.

Emilia Clarke as Mera

Let’s go back a bit about Mera’s characterwho a superheroine appearing in some comics published by DC Comics.

Mera was created in 1963 by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy. His debut originally occurred during the events of Aquaman #11, where he introduced himself as one of the queens of the ocean.

In the first movie Aquaman not all of his abilities and powers are fully shown, but he is quite an important character to the underwater city of Atlantis.

an interesting fusion

The page and/or person in charge of this simulation was diamonddeadwho took up the main characteristics of the character from Mere and put the face of the beloved actress Emilia Clarke.

This was the result:


Pretty impressive right? Well, this simulation was published as a poster to show the public thatWhat would the GoT actress look like in this role?

It is important to highlight that Emilia Clarke is not confirmed to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2so, if you see any of these posters, you already know that it is not something official, so you can keep calm as they announce what will be done in Heard’s case.

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