This is what Hercules, Rapunzel and other Disney characters would look like in the world of Harry Potter

The artist apicollodraws (so we can find him on social networks) made a series of fanarts of iconic Disney characters looking like the protagonists of the Harry Potter saga.

There are those who are responsible for making what others imagine come true. The apicollodraws artist decided to merge his two favorite things: Harry Potter and Disney. There are probably several people who want a crossover between the two franchises, although this is something that will hardly happen.

However, the artist helped us to get an idea of what the Harry Potter characters would be like if they were in a Disney movie.


The protagonist of the saga JK Rowling is Milo Thatch, from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Both characters share the adventurous spirit. Also featured in the illustration is his lovable owl Hedwig as Archimedes, Merlin’s owl companion.


Hermione, played by actress Emma Watson, could not be any other Disney character than Bella. Both are lovers of spending their days with a book in their hands. Crookshanks, Hermione’s pet cat who is half Kneazle, is perfect as Lucifer, the cat of Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine.


Ron Weasley as the son of Hera and Zeus? If we think about it, both characters have big hearts and, let’s face it, are a bit clumsy with their powers.


The artist decided dear Hagrid could be King Triton if he were from Disney world. Of course Mushu is Norbert’s dragon and Fang, the wizard’s Great Dane, is the old hound from Lady and the Tramp, Sad.


Perhaps there is no more accurate Disney character to be Dumbledore than the wizard Merlin. For the role of the phoenix Fawkes, the artist chose Iago, Jafar’s evil henchman.


Severus Snape is Claude Frollo, the main villain of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Both characters have in common the elegant and somber demeanor.

Minerva McGonagall

For the artist, Minerva McGonagall would be Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s stepmother. Although Minerva McGonagall is a very noble person, she bears a physical resemblance to the villain of the Disney movie. Don’t you think?


Dobby, the lovable house elf from the Harry Potter franchise, is Clumsyone of the seven dwarfs from Snow White.

Luna Lovegood

The tender Luna Lovegood is Rapunzel in the artist’s imagination. Also, included a detail that leads us to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princewhen Luna encourages Gryffindor with a lion’s head. In the illustration, Mufasa takes his place.

Dolores Umbridge

Does anyone like Dolores Umbridge? She could be considered a Harry Potter villain who, if she came to Disney world, without any problem she would play Ursula, one of the most iconic Disney villains.

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