This is what Hugo Sánchez’s modest car looks like

Recently, we have noticed within Hugo Sánchez’s car collection a vehicle that is not very well known in the market and is very low cost. Next, we will reveal all the details of his Jaguar XJ Do not miss it!

As it is not surprising, Hugo Sánchez has managed to amass a vast fortune during his long career as a footballer. Pumas from UNAM, Rayo Vallecano, Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid, among other great clubs that the pentapichichi passed through during his career.

Among the highlights of his career, we find his glorious time at Real Madrid, a club in which the Mexican managed to obtain four trophies for the top scorer in La Liga and a Golden Boot. Thanks to his great performance as a center forward, Hugo Sánchez was declared the best footballer in his country and number 26 in the world in the 20th century. something that among other things allowed him to spend a fortune on his car collection. Despite this, the ex-footballer currently drives a vehicle that has caught Tork’s interest due to its low cost of ownership.

We are talking about a Jaguar XJ, a model that was launched on the market in 1968 and has been Jaguar’s flagship for most of its commercial life, which continues to this day.. In this case we are talking about the Jaguar XJ 40, a model produced during 1990 – 1994. A 4-door luxury saloon with a total weight of 1700 kg.

The highlight of the car is under its hood with a 6-cylinder in-line engine, accompanied by a power of 147 kW and a maximum torque of 298 Nm. The maximum speed that the car can reach is 211 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds, transmitted by its 5-speed manual gearbox and its rear wheel drive.

As you can see, the car in question does not have great features or comfort elements. Fact that is justified in the price when saying that Hugo Sánchez allocated around 50,000 euros in the purchase of it. Perhaps what we should not know is the emotional love that “El Macho” would have in his Jaguar XJ.

This is what the car looks like

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