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The Colombian singer Maluma surprised his fans at a concert held in Washington, because, after presenting several of his songs, he took a moment to go ‘live’ on his Instagram account and make it public. There is news that he is going to become a father.

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In the same footage, which he presented on Thursday, October 19, the artist announced the sex of his baby. In the video of their song ‘Procura’, you can see that, at the end, pink flashes of the same tone, lights and fireworks illuminated the place, revealing that a girl was on the way.

This is the name of the daughter of Maluma and Susana Gomez.

In a ‘live’ on the Instagram account of MalumaMany of the details included in his music video could not be seen, as the singer’s back was towards the camera that presented the news. However, he posted a snippet of footage on his profile and the description contained the acronym “JL, SG and PLG”.

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In the video clip, in addition to revealing the gender of their baby, they also revealed the name in a very subtle way, as, for a few seconds, a cake appears with the name of their first-born daughter and, a few moments later , his girlfriend, Susana Gomez, was seen wearing a necklace with the same name: Paris.

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Later, Maluma confirmed the name through a post on Instagram in which he was wearing a T-shirt with the phrase “Dad Loves Paris” printed on it. The photos come from their appearance for ‘NPR Music’, in which the artist performs several songs live.

Then, the ‘Hawaii’ singer published another clip in which he kisses his girlfriend’s stomach, writing: “Crazy for you, Paris,” already showing the progress of her pregnancy.

In his Instagram stories, he also revealed that one of his fans has given him a very special gift. First he gave her a cart and then said to her: “We did this for you last night, because we couldn’t find anything to give you.” Next, he presented her with a baby bodysuit with the phrase “Paris Loves Daddy” printed on it. Upon encountering this description from his follower, Maluma flashed a big smile and expressed his full gratitude.

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