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“A possible dream” or “The Blind Side” in its English title, became one of the critically acclaimed films, based on true events, with an emotional and successful story of recent times due to its charismatic characters.

Released in 2009, the biographical sports drama tells the story of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron)an Afro-American teenager who suffers great financial deprivation and abandonment by his relatives, due to his mother’s drug addiction and the zero knowledge of his father.

However, Oher stood out with a great talent for American football and is seen by a scouting coach who helps him get into an exclusive school in exchange for participating in the sports league. It is in this context that he meets his great friend, Sean “SJ” Tuohy Jr.a boy who belongs to a well-off family.

After Sean notices Michael picking up food from the garbage, he begins to invite him over to his house and gradually wins over his mother’s heart. Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock), becoming a member of your family.

The actor who gave life to “S.J.” is Jae Head, who was 13 years old at the time. Her performance garnered her the Phoenix Film Critics Society’s Best Youth Performance award and other accolades.

Jae Head as character “SJ”

Other works by Jae Head

However, Jae had experience in movies and even some television productions where he had brief appearances. The beginning of his career started in 2005, when he debuted as an actor at just nine years old, in the hit comedy series “How I Met Your Mother”.

After that, he jumped to the big screen at the hands of Hancockthe blockbuster superhero movie where he shared a cast with renowned actors such as Will Smith and Charlize Theron.

Jae Head in “Hancock”

After his successful passage through “A possible dream“, the former youth star added other feature films to his resume, including: “Bravetown” (2015), “The Bachelors” (2017) and “Hell Girl” (2019).

Currently, Head is 27 years old and is an active user of his social networks, Instagram and TikTokwhere he is constantly sharing content with his thousands of followers.

Through this platform, he has also shown that he maintains a close relationship with actor Quinton Aaron (Michael), with whom he has met on several occasions.

Check out what the actor behind “SJ” currently looks like

Instagram Jae Head
Instagram Jae Head
Jae Head in “Hancock”
Jae Head as character “SJ”
Instagram Jae Head

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