This is what Kim Kardashian thinks of Kanye West’s new wife

Kanye West has recently married, just a few weeks after making their divorce official. In the midst of controversies, loss of advantageous collaborations and a delicate family situation, the rapper has found love again. And, although his marriage has not been certified by law, the couple sealed their bond with wedding rings. Thus, all eyes have been directed to Kim Kardashian, waiting for a reaction that ended up being forceful. In the following lines we tell you what the businesswoman thinks of the new wife of his ex.

After six years of marriage and four children together, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially separated. In 2021 the socialite began the divorce process and in November 2022 they reached an agreement on the support and custody of their children. According to the singer’s recent issue, Censori Overload, her marriage ended because her reputation suffered. “I woke up to a message saying ‘I can’t take it anymore’ and I know the reason he’s leaving me is the headlines,” quoting the song’s lyrics. However, everything seems to indicate that it was really due to the behavior that the artist showed during the pandemic. Either way, the designer also has a new wife and their relationship arouses much annoyance in his ex-wife.

Kim Kardashian hates Kanye West’s new wife

According to international media, ‘Ye’ married Bianca Censori. They were seen wearing their wedding rings, although they do not have a marriage license to support their union. Censori is 27 years old, she is an architect and designer. Since 2020, she has worked at Yeezy, West’s fashion company. The press has confirmed that after completing her studies at the University of Melbourne and working on different projects, she obtained a master’s degree in Australia.

One of the similarities she has with Kim is that she dares to do dramatic looks. Until recently she had brown hair with a medium length and in the latest snaps she has appeared with a blonde pixie cut. However, this is not what bothers the daughter of Kris Jenner. There are sources that assure that the founder of Skims did not like the Yeezy architectural designer when she started working in 2020. She had a feeling that something was happening, that she intended to take her employment relationship to another point. Although it cannot be verified that they had something before, since after the break he went out with several models and artists.

The most forceful statements were made by Page Six, who met with an insider who made clear what the celebrity thinks. “Kim hates her,” said an unknown person. “She’s pretty. And she Kim hates pretty girls, ”another anonymous told the American newspaper. While discussing the marriage, the KUWTK star wrote in an Instagram story: “Just remember: the black sheep usually ends up becoming the goat.” Has Kanye West found the love of his life in his new wife? It will remain to be seen. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, won’t be outdone for much longer.

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