this is what princesses would look like in real life

While live-action films today attempt to answer the question of what Disney heroes would look like if they were human, there are still many unexplored films. And an American journalist had fun putting Disney princesses through the Artificial Intelligence test to find out what they would look like if they existed in real life. Be careful, it’s not always what you imagine…

This is the great trend of the moment: to offer the heroes that we have discovered in writing, a real face. After Harry Potter or even Twilight, it’s the turn of the Disney heroes to take this step. More than the heroes, it is towards the princesses that we turn. Emeritus figures of the Disney studios, these young women thought under animated features have become true symbols. Symbols of beauty, grace and elegance. The little girls admire them and dream of crossing their paths at Disneyland Park.

Disney Princesses come to life

If the various live-action films recently developed by Disney make it possible to give a real face to these heroines, there are still many princesses who have not experienced this same treatment. For this, Hannah Marder, journalist at the American media Buzzfeed, decided to use Art Breeder and her artificial intelligence tool to find out what these beloved heroines would look like.

Artificial intelligence has this ability to imagine the human traits that certain characters might have. And the least we can say is that thanks to this tool the Disney princesses, with sometimes disproportionate features, come back to life.


©Disney, ©Art Breeder

so beautiful of Beauty and the Beaste was embodied by Emma Watson in the live-action, her version thought by artificial intelligence does not really resemble the actress…

Belle, Disney, Beauty and the Beast

©Disney, ©Art Breeder

All the heroines, or almost, lend themselves to the exercise: from Merida to Rebel passing by Pocahontas, Elsa of Snow Queen or Aurora The Sleeping Beauty.

Rebel, Merida, Disney

©Disney, ©Art Breeder


©Disney, ©Art Breeder

So, are they as you imagined them to be?

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