This is what Stockard Channing looks like, Betty Rizzo in Grease; hers before and after

grease (either Vaseline) marked a generation with its rock and roll, crinolines, creative choreography and leather jackets. The film did not have the favor of critics at first, but over time it became a classic of the 70s and catapulted the career of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-Johnalthough other members of the cast did not have the same success, such is the case of Stockard Channing.

Surely you remember that rebellious, tough-looking, black-haired, carefree young woman who gave Sandy several headaches. her name was Betty Rizo, the leader of the Pink Ladiesand was played by Stockard Channing, who Today he is 78 years old and you will not believe how he has changed.

Rizzo was ‘the bad girl’ in the story, Sandy’s counterpart, who was characterized by her innocence and naivety. Then we tell you what she was stockard channing 44 years after the premiere of Grease.

This happened to the actress who played Betty Rizzo in ‘Grease’

Although his role that gave him international recognition was the one he did in the 1978 film, Stockard Channing enjoys an active career on stage or television. after protate sites Stockard Channing in Just Friends Y The Stockard Channing Show, he returned to his theatrical roots in Broadway with A Day in the Death of Joe Eggwhich earned him the Tony Award in 1985.

Among his most successful films are The difficult art of lovingalong with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson; wicked ice moonfrom Roman Polanski; Love spellwith Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock; The strength of love Y A life in seven daysstarring Natalie Portman Y Angelina Jolierespectively.

It is worth mentioning that in 1993 she was nominated for the Oscar award and the Golden Globes in the category of Best Actress for her performance in six degrees of separationin which he worked alongside Will Smith.


this is how it looks today stockard channing

On television she is known for giving life to first lady Abbey Bartle in the series The West Wing of the White House (The West Wing), while in theater he has stood out for his role as Beddy Dollon in the musical Mama Mia!.

His last appearance on the big screen was in Love at first sight (2013), starring Jaime Camil. About five years ago she reappeared in the program Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where he surprised everyone with his drastic change of image.


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