This is what Sylvester Stallone’s daughters look like today

Sylvester Stallone is synonymous with action, with Hollywood, with the epic fights of Rocky Balboaor of the brutal combats of John Rambo. But this has to do with his work and his history linked to cinema. Apparently he is also talking about other issues far from the sets and close to his most intimate environment: his family, in particular his three daughters. The former Italian Stallion is the father of Scarlet, Sistine and Sophia.

This is what Sylvester Stallone’s daughters look like

Let’s go older, let’s start with Sophia Rose Stallone. He is currently 25 years old. She is mmodel and fashion entrepreneur. She won the title of Miss Golden Globe in 2017 and was on the cover of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. On Instagram Sophia Stallione has over 11.8K followers that he has earned by uploading amazing images and short videos. He had his television debut in 2010 on the “Late Show with David Letterman”.


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