This is what the cast of ‘Stranger Things 4’ would look like in the 90s (Natalie Portman was identical to Millie Bobby Brown)

After several days of premiere, the series continues to give something to talk about, so today we will show you something different.

In this fourth season the constant sense of risk is maintained and the general feeling that things are not going well. Unfortunately ‘Eleven’ (Millie Bobby Brown) They no longer have their powers and she is the only one capable of facing the terrors that plague the community. Sad about her separation from her boyfriend Mike (Finn Wolfhard)

For his part, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) has moved away from Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) who is already tired of being a ‘nerd’ and will seek to join the basketball team. Will (Noah Schnapp)) It is not good, because his intentions in the Upsidedown have been left with sequels that are difficult to see in him.

Y if you finished watching the series and would like something new or differentthis time we will show you how its protagonists would have looked, yes would have occurred history in the nineties.

Eleven – Natalie Portman

Also known as ‘Ce’, her birth name is Jane Ives. and legally called Jane Hopper. Participant in the Project MKUltra experiments conducted by the CIA. Despite being ‘telekinetic’, when using her powers, she is temporarily weakened and has nosebleeds.
We love paper Millie Bobby Brownbut if the series had been made in the nineties, we think it would have been perfect for the character, Natalie Portman.

Will Byers – Joel Osment

One of the main characters in the series, disappears in the first chapters without leaving any trace, but his friends will not rest until they find his whereabouts. Played by Noah Schnapp. We think this character would have been perfect in Joel Osment as well. Do you agree with the idea?

Mike-Joseph Gordon Levitt

Of the protagonists in Stranger Things is played by finn wolfhardis the second son of the Wheeler family and lives in Hawkins with his parents and siblings, Nancy and Holly.
He is best friends with Lucas and Will, Eleven’s boyfriend, a lover of the game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and of Science. Do you like how the character looks in Joseph Gordon?

Lucas- Brandon Adams

mike’s neighborwhich led them to become best friends, in the room grade meets Dustin, who will be added to their group of friends, to form the ‘perfect quartet’. Although we love to see Caleb McLaughlin in this role. We think it would be perfect also in Brandon Adams.

Dustin Henderson- Elijah Wood

After reaching the fourth grade and joining the gang of Lucas, Mike and Will become best friends, they meet often to play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. They also have a great relationship with their science teacher Scott Clarke.
We think Elijah Wood is perfect for the character. Do you think so?

Nancy Wheeler as Winona Ryder

Sister of Mike Wheeler and ex-girlfriend of Steve Harrington. Nancy begins to investigate the disappearance of Will Byers, while her friend Barbara Holland also disappears out of nowhere.
If the series had been carried out in the nineties, without a doubt Winona Ryder, would have done very well.

Jonathan Byers as Tobey Maguire

The first son of Lonnie Byers and Joyce, his father loved to go hunting with him, until he made him kill a rabbit and he cried for nine days hating this activity. But his dad leaves them, so Jonathan will be the new role model for his younger brother.
Although Tobey Maguire was perfect in Spider-Man, he could have done a good job in this character.

Hopper- Tom Selleck

A character among the most important in the seriesas, is in charge of investigating all the events and with it the constant disappearances in HawkinsLike Will’s. Portrayed by David Harbor Would you have liked to see this character in Tom Selleck?

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