This is what the grandson of Cantinflas who lives on the streets and cleans windshields currently looks like: VIDEO

Mario Moreno, better known as “Cantinflas” rose to fame during the Golden Cinema era in Mexico, this thanks to his many films, where he gave life to characters from the real life, this added to his peculiar style of speaking during the many films he made during his career.

“Cantinflas” was considered one of the greatest comedians in the world, and it is under this scenario that it is easy to understand how Mario Moreno became a enormous fortune throughout his life, because his success was such that he went through barriers and his films were translated into several languages ​​around the world, however, this success did not continue in his descendants, since it is known that Mario Moreno only had one son, Mario Moreno Ivanova who in turn had three children, two boys and one girl.

It is known that one of the grandsons of “Cantinflas”, Mario Moreno Bernat committed suicide while the other, Gabriel Moreno Bernat, ended up living on the street and was even a windshield wiper, despite his short agebecause from adolescence he began to live on the street.

Gabriel Moreno lived on the street since he was a teenager. Photo: Special

The hard life of Gabriel Moreno, grandson of Cantinflas

Gabriel Moreno Bernart has revealed that he even stole with the aim of obtaining money to get drugs, since it is known that since adolescence he ran away from home since plot that he had family problems and later it was the young man himself who confessed before the cameras of “Suelta la sopa” that his father Mario Moreno Ivanova He was the one who induced him to use drugs so that he would become a man.

It is known that after losing what would have to be assigned a fortune, inherited by his grandfather “Cantinflas”, the young man ended up living on various streets and even spent time in a basketball court of soccer in Tecamachalco in the State of Mexico, where he was later adopted by a family, who helped them in a family position of quesadillas.

This is what Gabriel Moreno looks like

According to what the direct son of “Cantinflas” revealedMario Ivanovathey tried everything possible to lead young Gabriel on the right path, however, he never wanted to return home because preferred living on the street, this was assured by his father before he died in 2017.

After the death of the direct son of Cantinflasthe young Gabriel attended the funeral and was admitted to a rehabilitation center, leaving free in 2019, so far it is unknown if Gabriel Moreno Bernart continues rehabilitatedbut recently in social networks it has become relevant in the dissemination of a couple of photographs where the young man is seen in the streets, although it is known that these photographs correspond to a period before of the year 2021.

Gabriel Moreno underwent rehabilitation. Photo: Special/ Badabun



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