This is what the van from the end of the world looks like inside

Apocalypse Manufacturing has carved out a significant place in the doomsday cart market. His creations prepared for the end of the world stand out both for their monstrous exterior and for their spectacular interior. Swipe to see what his beastly truck looks like inside!

Over the years, different brands specialized in the creation of apocalyptic vehicles have emerged. This is because there are many car fans looking to have a copy prepared for the end of the world in their collection. With monstrous 6×6 creations, Apocalypse Manufacturing It has earned an important place in this market.

The American brand has created several apocalyptic models, such as the juggernaut. This van takes as its starting point a RAM TRX, to which several modifications were made. The main one is the insertion of a third axle, which allows it to be called a 6×6. In addition, it has 5 driving modes: Sport, Rock, mud, Low and drag race.

This doomsday truck not only has an exterior built to take on the roughest terrain, it also has a spectacular interior. The Juggernaut possesses a comfortable and spacious cabin suitable for up to 5 passengersilluminated by a beautiful star ceiling to which we can change the color with a remote control.

To access this luxurious interior, we should make use of the running board, since this brutal truck measures 2.24m high. As we can see, the size is something that also stands out in the monstrous trucks created by the American brand. The Juggernaut measures 2.49m wide and 6.91m longa real madness!

This modified RAM TRX to be one of the most luxurious doomsday vehicles on the market has a powerful 6.2-liter supercharged HellCat V8 engine. This engine gives the Juggernaut brutal power of 850 horsepower. The intimidating roar of this engine and the monstrous dimensions of the truck make this vehicle stand out on the road.

The market value of this luxurious van from the end of the world is approximately 300 thousand dollars. Considering that Apocalypse Manufacturing went to great lengths to make the Juggernaut as spectacular on the outside as it is on the inside, the price isn’t bad at all. The brand ensures that this is the most aggressive model they have created so far. What do you think?

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