This is why Adele had 5 therapy sessions a day during her divorce

Adele knows what she wants, for something she has managed to reap 15 Grammy’s, an Oscar and a medal of the Order of the British Empire with only three albums and about 46 songs. The singer has come a long way since the release of 19 in 2008 and today she is considered one of the most important voices in history.

However, her music is linked to her personal life and we all know that when you talk about love (and heartbreak) the way she does, it’s because there are many things that weigh heavily, sometimes too much. The singer is at her residence in Las Vegas, where she is one of the most important musical events in recent years due to the selectivity that Adele has for the shows she gives.

On these “private” nights, approximately 4,200 people see Adele each night (for which she earns an estimated $2 million per concert) and it is there that she has been seen disappearing into the confetti, setting fire to the water and how it has been violated with the audience.

Between 25 and 30 Adele went through a tough divorce and a great personal transformation. The result can be heard on the last album and it is undoubtedly one of the great gifts that the singer has given us, but something that she recounted in one of her most recent shows is that at that time things were very difficult, so much so that while she was in therapy, he would talk to his therapist up to 5 times a day.

Before, obviously, when I was going through my divorce, I basically did five therapy sessions a day (…) I stopped taking responsibility for my own behavior and the things I said.

Ending a relationship is never easy and sometimes the end of something involves healing very deep wounds. That can lead to a dependency on the new routines that are helping you heal, but sometimes those are the ones that become a relatively toxic point, like when you depend on your therapy so much that you talk to your therapist five times a day.

Fortunately, therapy helped Adele and now the singer has returned to her for another reason that she also told. Apparently music is her life, but giving concerts, especially those that fill stadiums, fills her with anxiety, so while her last world tour was to prove that she could, now she has returned to therapy to treat her nerves in those little shows, who still manage to get things out that she has to work on.

However, in saying that, he also said that this is the time he has felt most comfortable doing shows and that he considers it the best way to present himself, winking that the rest of his career he would only do concerts that way.

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