This is why Kim Kardashian drank alcohol again

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, model, and businesswoman who stands out for being the star of her own reality show and for being one of the most beautiful women in the world. After having had a bad 2022 personally, the 42-year-old model is also going through an excellent present at work considering that she was included as one of the millionaire women of the year. But, in the last few days, she drew attention because she took up again alcohol and this is the real reason.

In recent days it leaked that kim kardashian He has a very particular method of waking up his children. Taking into account that she separated from her ex-husband, the singer Kanye West raised the four children in charge of the model. That is why the businesswoman hired a professional pianist to sing Christmas carols on the piano and thus wake up her little ones.

2022 for kim kardashian It was not good considering that after many years of relationship, she divorced Kanye West. In addition, it was confirmed that the father of her children has already married the designer Yeezy just two months after separating. However, in her work it was incredible because Forbes magazine named her one of the most millionaire women of all.

The reason why Kim Kardashian returned to the drink

In recent days, it became known that kim kardashian he began to drink alcohol and explained his reasons. In an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow’s podcast, the 42-year-old businesswoman assured that it was time to have less worries to have a drink and stay up late and that from time to time she skips her diet.

The reason why Kim Kardashian drank again

The combination that makes kim kardashian is “Coffee and alcohol” and also added: “I have the feeling that I work a lot and that I am concentrated all day after my studies, as well as with meetings about new products”. She also said that before she did not drink alcohol, not even for parties and celebrations, but that has changed. Finally, the businesswoman stated: “Only a shot of tequila with pineapple.”

Kim Kardashian said she didn’t drink alcohol before. Source Instagram @kimkardashian


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