This is why Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t want to watch his movies

Leonardo Dicaprio There is no doubt that he is one of the most popular and loved actors. At 48 years old, the Californian has a long career full of successes, in which he has participated in countless films such as ‘‘Titanic’, ‘Shutter Island’, ‘Inception’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Blood Diamond’in others.

Many movie lovers often ask themselves a question: What do actors think about when they watch their films? It’s a question that could be completely transferred to DiCaprio, although it turns out that it will be difficult to get an answer to. The reason? Plain and simple, that he doesn’t like to see themAnd after accepting his reasons, the truth is that his position makes a lot of sense.

This is why DiCaprio doesn’t watch his movies

In fact, it’s not that Leonardo DiCaprio categorically refuses to watch them, but he has a golden rule: It is not possible to evaluate it decisively until about ten years have passed., And the actor believes that while it is still very early, the normal thing is to “get immersed in the moment”, with such a level of emotional involvement that it is not possible to evaluate and determine whether a film is “good”. or bad” or even terrible.” That is, he prefers to let time pass and the excitement die down Reflect and be able to make unbiased decisions,

best movies of leonardo dicaprio

We know that when it comes to an actor whose career is very long and full of great successes, it is not easy to select the best movies, that is why we often resort to portals that collect movie reviews such as IMDb , so here is a list complete With the best DiCaprio movies and where to watch them online in Spanish, Spoiler: The first one on the list isn’t what you think.

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