This is why Letizia has reached ‘extreme limits’ in one of her most important appointments in Galicia

Mrs. Letizia (50 years old) has tasks in her institutional agenda that will never fail. Every September, the Queen inaugurates the school year and in 2023 she had to travel to Galicia. For this occasion, the wife of Felipe VI has chosen a Very casual look that is going to be the latest fashion trend in the fall season, Princess Leonore’s mother has once again made it clear that basics never fail, and she has rescued her favorite sailor sweater from Hugo Boss, paired with very cute paper bag style pants. But, if there is something that has created huge expectations, This is the reason why Queen Sophia’s daughter-in-law arrived late for this appointment, A technical issue which has been resolved as soon as possible.

Queen Letizia arrives late for her appointment in Galicia

Queen Letizia has kicked off the week in Galicia marking the inauguration of the 2023/2024 school year. Although arrival at the CEIP do Camino Inglés, located in Sigueiro-Oroso, was scheduled for 11:30 am, there was a longer delay than expected due to Felipe VI’s wife The helicopter in which he was traveling had to land in A Coruña, not Santiago as planned, due to weather problems. This change in plans has been made at the last minute in order to maintain the well-being and safety of passengers.

From the Galician capital, Carla Vigo’s aunt Had to travel by car for about 40 minutes To the school centre. Although it was delayed, Queen Letizia arrived with a smile from ear to ear and took great interest in all the new things that are going to be implemented in CEIP do Camino Inglés and that will be of great help to the students of the Centre. ,

Letizia and Marie Chantal, united by the same syndrome

They are united not only by being two of the most beloved European royals, but also by a personal factor that marks their daily lives. Letizia and Marie Chantal are facing empty nest syndrome, in other words, they are facing their New routine after your kids leave home, While Leonor is undergoing her military training in Zaragoza, Sofia is at UWC Atlantic College. For their part, Mary’s children have focused on different professions: Olympia of Greece is an influencer, Constantinos Alexios currently lives in New York with his partner, model and aristocrat Poppy Delevingne, Achilles Andreas has worked in Hollywood. has taken the leap and has already achieved his first role in a film whose protagonist is Jennifer Lawrence, Odysseas Kimon has launched his own line of sportswear and the youngest, Aristides Stavros, has decided to continue his academic training. Have entered a boarding school.

Unlike Doña Letizia, Marie Chantal has spoken publicly about how she is experiencing this absence: “Now she doesn’t have to get up in the morning to get to school on time. It’s crazy to think that we had a 24-year career Is. “These have been the best years of parenting and now it’s time for something different.”

Letizia and Felipe VI express their condolences to the victims of the Moroccan earthquake

If there is any tragedy that has shocked half the world, it is the magnitude 7 earthquake that was recorded in Morocco and which has already taken more than 2,000 lives. Letizia and Felipe VI, because of their close relations with the Moroccan people and King Mohammed VI, have issued a very moving telegram in which they expressed their condolences for this terrible incident: “Your Excellency, dear brother. In my name, in the name of the Government and in the name of the Spanish people, Our deep pain, as well as our deepest condolences for the terrible consequences of this disaster. queen joins me Express our most sincere solidarity With the dear Moroccan people and with our support, appreciation and closeness to the families of the victims of Moments of sadness and uncertainty”, He reads the article that he has made public from Casa Real.

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