This is why you shouldn’t go to the bathroom with your cell phone

Use mobile phone in bathroom This has become customary for many people. First People took newspapers, magazines or booksBut due to the dependencies that exist around these electronic devices they have to be used at any time.

There are some people who consider going to the bathroom as a moment of relaxation. And there are also people who take advantage of that time to be active on social networks, replying to messages or watching that series they missed in the middle. However, Taking your cell phone to the bathroom could put your health at riskAccording to a TikTok pharmacist.

Posted by user pharmaceuticofernandez, who has more than three million followers Know why you should not take your cell phone to the bathroom, The video has been viewed over 1.5 lakh times and reveals why this common practice is harmful to people’s health.

The reason is simpler than you think, and it has nothing to do with cell phones, but it has nothing to do with cell phones People usually spend time sitting in the toilet When she keeps this device with her. according to him TikTokerSpending too much time “puts extra pressure on the nerves in the rectum,” which can cause hemorrhoids,

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This annoying situation is not the only one that can arise. It can also producerectal bleeding And the little wounds that can form cause future infection“Warned influential person,

remember that during the video The bathroom is not one of the cleanest places in the house., In fact, this is one of the areas where the concentration of bacteria is highest, so these wounds can become infected more quickly if you spend too much time Time to sit on the toilet with a cell phone,

Besides, mobile phoneTools that always go everywhere with their owner, They are objects that collect dirt, Rubber casings are always in contact with your hands, which cross thousands of surfaces throughout the day, and that The risk of infection increases when you go to the bathroom With mobile.

So to avoid all these health problems, It would be better if you do not take your cell phone into the bathroom. to avoid exposure to potential bacteria, and Take as long as necessary to avoid rectal bleeding, Some doctors have advised not to sit on the toilet for more than ten minutes to prevent piles.

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