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Even before Matt Reeves added her to the cast of ‘The Batman’, the highly anticipated film in which Robert Pattinson takes on the role of the famous dark knight, along with Colin Farrell and Paul Dano, actress Zoë Kravitz was already calling attention not only for her work in the series ‘Big Little Lies’ or ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, as well as an appearance as an ancestor of the LeStrange clan in the saga ‘Fantastic Animals’, but for being one of the most photographed as a model. But now, with the almost simultaneous releases of ‘Kimi’ (directed by Steven Soderbergh) and the film that revives the superhero, she is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Zoë  Kravitz at the world premiere of 'The Batman'  in New York. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Zoë Kravitz at the world premiere of ‘The Batman’ in New York (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, Zoë has literally been a celebrity since she was born, especially because of the circumstances surrounding her arrival in the world: her mother, then 20 years old, had eloped with her father to Las Vegas and there they got married.

Bonet’s pregnancy meant her departure (temporarily) from the two TV series she starred in: ‘The Cosby Show’ (in which she played the second daughter, Denise Huxtable) and ‘A Different World’ (which narrated the adventures of Denise in college) and it was a bit of a scandal, because – according to Bill Cosby (then considered an authority on parenting and not a convicted and later released sex offender) and the rest of society, Bonet was too young and that It was not the example they were looking for the actress or the character to give.

Bonet had previously caused controversy by appearing nude and having simulated sex scenes with Mickey Rourke (when he was not yet disfigured) in the acclaimed film ‘Angel Heart’, directed by Alan Parker, with Robert DeNiro as the devil himself. In this way, Zoë’s birth was covered by the media, although her parents, who divorced her in 1994, made sure that she grew up away from the spotlight and the paparazzi so that he would have an ostensibly ‘normal’ childhood, considering the occupations and public life of his parents.

Lisa and Lenny’s bet paid off and Zoë grew up, in her own words (as she said in a profile in Vogue following her appearance on the HBO series alongside Nicole Kidman, who, by the way, was five minutes from being her stepmother when Zoë was 14), “as a perfectly normal child, I went to school, took ballet…my parents took it upon themselves to give me time and attention, even at the cost of their own careers, and I never felt that I was lacking in love growing up, in Los Angeles and in Miami.” However, in her adolescence she had serious problems with anorexia, a crisis that she dragged on for several years, until she was able to heal in her adult life.

After giving voice to Selina Kyle, alias ‘Gatúbela’ (Catwoman) in the animated film ‘The Lego Batman Movie’, Zoë was invited by Reeves to embody the iconic DC Comics character, traditionally Batman’s romantic antagonist since his first appearances. This adds her to a select category of actresses who have embodied the skillful and conspicuous jewel thief, the most memorable being Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway and Julie Newmar (from the memorable 1960s TV series), as well as being the third actress of African-American descent to do so, after legendary jazz singer Eartha Kitt (who appeared in a couple of episodes of the series) and Oscar winner Halle Berry, who played her in a movie in which she was the character headline and which was lousy with critics and box office.

Now that the premiere of the film is imminent, the eyes of the whole world are turning towards her: not that she came out of nowhere —professionally she has 15 years of career— but that this is the character that, for obvious reasons, will give her more visibility in his career, while the reviews indicate that Zoë and Pattinson have a spectacular chemistry (there have been some sensationalist media that speak of a possible projection of the romance to real life, a rumor without merit since their romance is very public with actor Channing Tatum). She is easily one of the most prominent elements of the film, so it can be said that if she really reaches the levels that are estimated, we will be witnessing the birth of a brand new star, something that is already very rare these days.

Robert Pattinson, left, and Zoe Kravitz attend the world premiere of

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz at the premiere of “The Batman” at Lincoln Center, New York. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


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