This juice is ideal for eliminating toxins and losing weight

This drink is incredible because it is low in calories and helps eliminate fluids.

People must wear this to lose weight Healthy Diet that this balanced With physical exercise, but it can be Increase Even more so when he’s involved Celery and Carrot Juice to lose weight. For many people, these are cleansing ingredients, rich in vitamins and help satisfy hunger.

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Carrots and Celery

Carrots are great for weight loss because they contain low amounts of Helps eliminate calories and fluids And prevent the appearance of cellulite. For proper preparation of celery and carrot juice, it is necessary to have a celery stick, one carrotTwo glasses of water and juice of one lemon.

When you are going to create the game you need wash celery thoroughly and cut it into pieces Carrot And liquefy it, You should then add two glasses of water and blend everything for about a minute or two, until you reach a mixture. homogeneous mixture.

For better results add lemon juice and beat again. 30 second And much more to prepare it. In the final serving step, the mixture must be strained.

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