This Jungkook fancam will be the best vision of 2023

BTS’s Jungkook wins title via fancam male artist the most visionary of them all, plus 8.9 million views!

After moving to INKIGAYO in Corée du Sud on July 30, 2023, Jungkook will give his fans an unforgettable experience. The BTS member performed the entire song in support of their Billboard Hot 100 success SEVEN (feat. Latto). Following the announcement of the premiere spot for the winning singles of the competition, the BTS maknae performed his own song. chanson right on stage.

This Jungkook fancam is the most forward-thinking of 2023 K-Sélection

The singer invited Kim Taehyung to return to the stage during the performance. The two BTS members performed SEVEN’s complex chorus choreography in a short time before the scene was deleted. Bien que Cet Instant Ephémère n’Ait Pas Eté even in the sequences of Clôture d’Inkigayo, fans l’ont partage sur les reseaux sociaux.

In the world, “SEVEN” is a list of two records: “cell” is the fastest male solo song to reach 100 million streams on Spotify, and “cell of the morceau”, also released in one second week. At the end of October 2023, current availability surpassed two other records: ayant atteint’s song was the fastest to reach one billion streams on Spotify in 108 days, and Miley Cyrus’ previous record “Flowers” was released in 112 days.

Between July 24 and August 14, 2023, the song was released by four Melon Popularity Awards winners nationally. He also reported multiple Triple Crowns, M Countdown, INKIGAYO and Music Core, accumulating a total of three wins on local music broadcasts.

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