This life-size Pikachu is capable of charging your iPhone


There are wireless chargers and this one!

The most famous Pokémon in the world does not stop when it comes to inspiring its followers. But this time, the news is not about a strategy to beat a mobile game, but about how a Pikachu fan has built a life-size versionwith everything you need to complete the wireless charging of your iPhone. And also, do it gracefully.

Achieving such a feat is a process that needs to be documented. And of course the sculptor Nendo Yoshirin has fulfilled this duty and has shared it through his YouTube channel. Yes indeed, the proposal has not only caused a sensation for its appearance and size of the sculpture, but because of the cute way Pika holds the device.

Pikachu debuts a super power for the iPhone

As the video shared by Yoshirin shows, this Pikachu was molded and sculpted from scratch. During the process integrated one of Apple’s MagSafe charging pads into the Pokémon’s cheek, with the charging cable hidden along Pikachu’s body and routed so that it appears to be coming out of his rear.

Apple debuted MagSafe charging with the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020. The change offered the absence of a charging port, which leads to a better sealing of iPhones and a longer lifespan for chargers.

Patience was key in this process, since it required several stages that included the construction phase, the drying time, a lot of sanding and some paint applications and decals to make this life-size Pikachu charger look remarkably real.

What if, charger works great and doubles as a handy phone standin case you have enough space to place it.

Although apparently this story has a happy ending, the truth is that its creator is the only one who can enjoy it, there is only this unit that is not for sale, at least for the moment.

How to tell if a MagSafe charger is authentic

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