This new and highly anticipated horror film managed to defeat Denzel Washington at the box office

Good old Denzel Washington’s reign at the box office has been short-lived. nun 2Sequel to 2018 hit and universe warren expedienthas managed to add more than $85 million worldwide, raising over $32 million in the United States. This is how the film manages to move ahead equalizer 3Sony’s victory in the action genre, which reaches $100 million after one week in theaters And has achieved a good peak in North America and international markets.

nun 2 It was successful at the box office but is still some way away from the premiere of the first installment in 2018.

nun 2Ninth sequel to the horror saga warren expedient From Warner Bros., Couldn’t match the numbers achieved by the original 2018 installment, which debuted with more than $53.8 million at the time. Beyond the controversy with the actress playing the demon in the saga, it seems Michael Chaveswho directed the curse of la lorona And Warren File: The Devil Made Me Do It, the point of style has been found. It should be noted that the film has already covered the costs, as it has a Estimated budget $40 million plus advertising and marketing.


Nun 2 may not shine like its first part but it is already doing well at the box office and Warners are happy

As stated in Diversityit appears that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 The work is not over as expected, and the film, written and directed by Nia Vardalos, who also stars in it with John Corbett, will try to surpass the figures achieved by its predecessors, reaching $ 12 million in the first days of production. Will reach. Billboard. for its part, youngWatch, an Indian action thriller in Hindi, ranked fourth with $6.2 million barbieis in fourth place and brought in an impressive total of $1,402 million over a summer in which Margot Robbie has dominated with an iron fist.

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