This profession will have 3.5 million vacancies in 2025, according to Microsoft

The American giant microsoft-software published this Wednesday a study in which it estimates that in 2025 there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity positions vacancies in the worldan increase of 350% in a period of eight years.

The firm from Redmond (Washington state, USA) pointed out that currently there are not enough people in the labor market with the necessary cybersecurity skills to fill the vacant positions and that this problem will worsen even more over the years.

Among the main dangers, the report cited the supply chain disruptions and ransomware attacks or digital ransom payments, and asserted that cybercriminals have become extremely sophisticated and diversified.

To try to close this job gap, Microsoft already announced last October a campaign to encourage the acquisition of cyber security in the US, which it will now expand to 23 other countries.

Among the new countries are Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Israel and Japan, among others.

“As with our program in the US, one of our goals is to ensure that traditionally excluded populations have the opportunity to enter the cybersecurity workforce, including women,” they indicated from the company.

In the specific case of Colombia, the Redmond firm will support a government initiative to increase its cnational Cyber ​​Security Capability, including the implementation of professional training programs in areas such as digital security, information security, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure.

For this, it will collaborate with the National Learning Service (SENA), a Colombian public institution that offers cfree vocational training for millions of Colombians; with the Universidad de los Andes, an important private university in Colombia; and with local non-governmental organizations.

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