this radical decision which could cause him harm

The end of a long-standing collaboration! The Mirror has announced that Prince Harry, 38, and Meghan Markle, 41, have ended their collaboration with Sunshine Sachs. It should be noted that this firm specializes in press relations and especially in the management of crisis situations.

This is the rupture of a very long-standing collaboration since the Duchess of Sussex had already worked with Sunshine Sachs since she was an actress in the series Suits. The company had also collaborated with Prince Harry since his marriage to Meghan Markle.

Histoires Royales reports that this long collaboration began with the recurring role of the Duchess in the Suits series. Sunshine Sachs is a benchmark in the field and many stars have already called on its services, such as Barbara Streisand, Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.

Specializing in crisis relationship management, the company takes everything in hand when a situation risks tarnishing the image of one of its clients. “Their services are varied, such as providing a simple spokesperson for their clients or more original, such as working on the rewriting of their clients’ Wikipedia biographies.”, explains Histoires Royales.

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