“This referee stole from us, that goal is made, the VAR did not work for Peru”, outrage among fans of the ‘white and red’ at the judge’s decision not to validate the score against Uruguay | Soccer | sports

A wave of indignation spread over the Peruvian fans after the South American qualifying match against Uruguay, which ended with a 1-0 victory for Celeste, considering that the Brazilian referee Anderson Daronco did not review a controversial play that could mean the draw for the white and red.

The word “robbery” was chosen by fans on social networks to describe the fact that the referee had not verified in the VAR that a shot by Peruvian Miguel Trauco was saved by the Uruguayan goalkeeper when it had apparently already entered the goal. rival.

In the streets, restaurants and parks of Lima where fans gathered to enjoy the Qatar 2022 qualifying match, anger and disappointment also spread because the team lost in a way they considered unfair.

“It’s not fair, this referee stole from us, that goal is made, the VAR did not work for Peru,” he complained to Eph a fanatic dressed in the red and white.

“They have stolen the game from us, that was a goal, but there is a karma,” added another girl who came with other fans to cheer for the team led by Argentine Ricardo Gareca.

The controversy did not escape Peruvian politicians and the ruling party legislator Guillermo Bermejo commented on Twitter: “That referee must be a Fujimorist. There is no other explanation for this robbery.”

Even the president of Congress, the opposition María del Carmen Alva, added on the same social network: “They have robbed us. It is incredible that the VAR has not reviewed the Peruvian goal.”

“Our team deserves to go to the World Cup and we have to support until the end. Let’s go Peru”, she expressed.

With this victory, Uruguay won its place in the 2022 Qatar World Cup one date before the South American qualifiers end, while the white-red is fifth and has the first chance to get into the playoff against an Asian country.

The game for the seventeenth day, which was played at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo, made the Celeste fans celebrate who, thanks to Giorgian De Arrascaeta’s only goal in the 42nd minute, anticipated their place in the World Cup final of year.

Those led by Diego Alonso occupy with this victory the fourth place in the table with 25 points and stayed with the last place with a direct quota to the World Cup, while those of Ricardo Gareca follow them in the table with 21 units.

On the last date of the South American qualifiers, which will be played this Tuesday, March 29, Peru receives Paraguay and Uruguay will visit Chile. (D)

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