this regret that she has vis-à-vis her family

If there’s one thing fans know about the Kardashians, it’s that the family supports every decision that’s made about each other’s love lives. But this rule no longer necessarily suits everyone, as Kim Kardashian explained in a recent episode of her show.

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A complex divorce

Today happy in a relationship with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian has experienced many difficulties during her marriage and her divorce from Kanye West, who is also the father of her children. If for a long time, the couple they formed may have seemed ideal, this was not the case and the shell gradually broke. After several embarrassing statements from Kanye West, especially about his family by marriage and his children, Kim Kardashian has decided to file for divorce.

In her reality show, the star explains that she would have liked her family to realize the disaster that her marriage had become in order to be able to be supported: “If people knew what my relationship with Kanye was really like, I think that they would wonder how it could have gone on for so long. »

For Kim Kardashian, it is high time for the whole clan to interfere a little more in everyone’s life when necessary rather than remaining too neutral and waiting for the last moment.

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VIDEO – Kim Kardashian’s Minute

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