this repairing balm that Beyoncé and Hailey Bieber love is ideal for repairing the skin after a tattoo

In the country of cosmetics, there are essential treatments that are snapped up on a global scale as they are so effective. A few months ago, for example, we introduced you to the famous Aquphor Repairing Balm from the Eucerin brand.

A multifunctional care seen in all the bathrooms of stars
A treatment so effective that many stars use it regularly and have a tube of it for sure in their bathroom. If Hailey Bieber admitted that it is part of the fetish care for the lips in case of extreme dryness, Beyoncé also claimed to use this balm every evening on the face after removing makeup. Same story for Nicole Kidman who uses it in deep care for the face while Charlize Theron uses it as a saving balm for the hands.

Multifunctional, this iconic balm was used by makeup artist Daniel Martin on Meghan Markle on her wedding day. The treatment was indeed used as a make-up base to hold the highlighter and illuminate the complexion.

An ideal balm to repair the skin after a tattoo
Effective for many uses, the Aquaphor Repairing Balm is also the ideal treatment for skin repaired more quickly after a tattoo! Panthenol and glycerin hydrate and accelerate regeneration, bisabolol soothes and the 4 waxes and emollients form a protective film. In summary, the short 7-ingredient formula soothes irritated skin, prevents crusting and is non-comedogenic. A must-have for the skin at a low price, to rediscover HERE on Amazon.

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