This smart strap for the Apple Watch measures much more health data


With this new strap you will be able to measure your general health status, with data such as body fat percentage and hydration level.

Apple Watch has the advantage of having interchangeable straps, some of them have extra functions or allow you to control the device through gestures. But now we’ll show you an ideal strap for those who want to get much more health data than those offered by the device originally.

Is about the AURA Strap 2the second generation of the 2020 version that had surprised by its health and fitness measurement capabilities, now improved thanks to the addition of bioelectrical impedance.

AURA Strap 2, the strap that will tell you all the health changes

AURA Strap 2 connects directly to Apple Watch, as if it were an official Apple product. The main function of this device is to obtain periodic measurements of the state of health in general, but beyond just showing the heart rate or blood oxygenation. Basically there are 3 additional measurements:

Aura Strap

This strap allows you to know data such as body fat and muscle percentage

  • Body fat percentage.
  • Percentage of muscle in your body.
  • Water percentage or hydration level.

The main difference between this new version and the one that had come out in 2020 is that the strap it is 20% thinner and 5% narrower, which allows a better fit when placing it on the user’s wrist. If we can make a comparison, its size is very similar to the official Apple straps.

Thank you to your 16 measurement pointsthe AURA Strap 2 offers users 95% more accurate measurements. In addition, based on the measurements obtained, the strap will give the user personalized recommendations so that they can modify their lifestyle and physical performance.

The price of the AURA Strap 2 strap is 149 euros and can be purchased from its official website. You can use it on any Apple Watch Series 3 or later, and it should be noted that if you want to get the best functions of the strap, you need to register on the Aura Plus platform, with a price of 9.99 euros per month, although you have 6 months Free on strap purchase.

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