this star of the saga hasn’t had many dates… because of her role!

Did you think movie stars were better off in terms of popularity? Well no. A Harry Potter actor even claims to have been disadvantaged during his youth because of his role. It’s simple, the girls didn’t want to date him…because he wasn’t the coolest wizard in the saga!

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While Daniel Radcliffe claimed recently, during the famous meeting of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, to have had a crush on an actress of the saga Harry Potter -actress much older than him at the time!- and that Emma Watson had admitted to having had a crush on her play partner Tom Felton, the interpreter of Draco Malfoy does not keep only good memories on the heart side of his years spent in a wizard’s robe. In fact, during an interview given to The Guardian this Sunday, the one who gave his fans a good scare in 2021 by being evacuated from the Ryder Cup in an emergency after suffering from discomfort confided in his love life at the time of the cinema saga Harry Potter adapted from the novels of JK Rowling… And it was obviously not easy every day!

Tom Felton reveals he had a complicated love life because of his role

If we easily fantasize about the stories of movie stars, having to be overwhelmed by suitors, here is an example proving that actors or actresses also experience phases of love galleys. Tom Felton, who rose to fame at an early age wielding the wand of a vile Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Magic, was no more popular at school than the rest of his muggle comrades! Now 34, the British actor recalls not landing many dates, mainly because of his role: “Some people really have a hard time accepting the idea that I wasn’t such a special or popular kid. But, you have to understand that I was walking around with my colored hair and I was playing a bad wizard. not cool. It really didn’t help me with the girls”. The actor also specifies that he was often frustrated to miss school trips or Halloween parties, because he had to perform his scenes on the set of the Harry Potter films … The life of an artist is not easy!

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