This supplement has scientific evidence, it is surprisingly cheap and improves skin and joints

Gradually it is becoming common to see in all types of stores, even supermarkets, many shelves filled with supplements of all types. Vitamins, proteins and anything else imaginable, although if experts agree on one thing, it’s that eating a balanced diet does not require supplements in any way.

That said, in some cases it may be necessary to add some extra help, not always from supplements that have scientific backing, something that is not always the case. There is a specific type of supplement that contains it, collagen, which Works to improve skin and jointsAs Harvard University also makes clear.

if you have problem Be it skin elasticity or joint pain, these supplements in their various forms are effective and incredibly affordableThere are many brands competing in this space and stores that have frequent sales, such as Amazon.

There are many types of collagen available for sale: marine, hydrolyzed, in capsules or powder, among other formats. However, they all work in more or less the same way and have similar benefits.

This too It is common to include them in combination with other nutrients to improve their effectiveness.Such as magnesium or vitamin C. In the latter case, it is a vitamin that has been shown to significantly improve the absorption of other nutrients, which is why it is present in so many supplements.

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As Harvard University explains, “Some studies have shown that collagen supplements improve skin elasticity. Others have found that they can improve joint mobility and reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis in athletes.” Can reduce joint pain.”

If you fit the description of either of those two problems, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to start taking these supplements.

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