This TikToker sings with the voice of artists like Rosalía or Bad Bunny, thanks to AI

Although society has become accustomed to that artists use autotune changing and modifying their voice slightly while singing, which no one expected Has anyone chosen to use artificial intelligence to sing with the voices of other artists, This is something that TikToker Alvaro Paras thought of doing, which has already been achieved surprise thousands of people On this social network, for entertainment purposes, it uses AI to sing popular songs With the sounds of artists like Rosalía, Ozuna or Bad Bunny.

Although there are networks fast addicted This TikToker has shocked you by using it to listen to covers created by Artificial Intelligence as a voice modulatorSomething that allows you to create absolutely impressive videos To taste your followers, Because, thanks to the fact that it collects the different requests that they make they’re going in the commentsHas already uploaded several TikToks singing songs like Al Pasar de la Barca Rosalia’s voice and style,

And, although these days BadBunny has been particularly critical Along with the fact that they use their voices to create covers and songs with artificial intelligence, this TikToker also dare to include it In one of his latest videos. In this situation he made a popular song hello don pepito With the sounds of Badbunny and J Balvin, something like that it was a lot of fun And it has already mesmerized many people.

Definitely, quantity of things What can be done through artificial intelligence never ceases to amaze, because there is so much more people who become creative When it comes to using it, there is something that leaves it Pursue great creations and ideas, So, it’s no surprise that there are TikTokers like Álvaro Paras growing so much through these thoughtsAs he receives more and more requests to create new songs Voices from your favorite artists,

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