This TikTokeur announces that he is deleting his account for his mental health


– Posted on August 25, 2022 at 2:58 PM

This August 24, a famous TikTokeur shared a video where he explains leaving the platform. He wants to preserve his sanity.

It seems that sanity trumps fame, at least for some people. If social networks can increase your popularity, they can also be very harmful. Tom Holland, Shawn Mendes and Millie Bobby Brown, among others, will not be able to say otherwise. Recently, they broke the taboo of depression and ill-being engendered by Instagram, Twitter or even TikTok. They have also decided to distance themselves from these networks, in order to recharge their batteries, and above all to find some peace of mind.


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It would seem that they were taken as an example by many young people. Moreover, now it is the turn of a famous TikTokeur to make a similar decision. Brody Wellmakerknown for his humorous videos, announced this Wednesday, August 24 in a video that he was leaving the platform to preserve its Mental Health“. However, he had made a real name for himself in this environment. Followed by 21 million people on TikTok, the 31-year-old, also an actor, explained in his video: “ To anyone who wants to be a content creator, I have three tips“, he thus started.

Brody Wellmaker: ‘No one can convince me this is normal’

” First of all, these platforms don’t care about you. The content that you create, that you consume, is just a way for them to make money,” explained the TikTokeur, before adding: “Second, be careful who you work with. People will tell you that they believe in you, that they want to see you succeed, but they just want to use you. »

In conclusion, he wanted to say: ” To finish, take care of your mental health. It’s impossible that we were designed to swipe and laugh at a video, and swipe again and watch the story of someone with terminal cancer. Then we swipe and we are tender in front of the video of a cat. On swipe, we’re kidding. We swipe, we cry. » He then assured him “No one in this world can convince me that this is normal and doesn’t affect us!” » A strong message, which resonates in the minds of many Internet users.

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