This type of yogurt fights blood pressure and reduces the risk of high cholesterol and osteoporosis

As is well known, yogurt is a drink that is obtained from the fermentation of milk, which, as described by your health In an article reviewed by nutritionist Tatiana Zanin, bacteria are the ones that ferment lactose -an enzyme in milk- and it is there where lactic acid is formed.

However, there are currently countless brands, and therefore, a wide variety of yogurts that do not necessarily meet the benefits of this food. Why? Many of them are high in preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors that are unhealthy.

Yogurt Benefits

The best yogurt is natural, since it is not rich in additives that change its flavor, color or conservation and even sugar. For this reason, here are the following benefits of consuming natural yogurt:

Blood pressure

In accordance with The Mirrorthrough research, it was determined that the consumption of yogurt can reduce the risk of high blood pressure compared to the consumption of fruits and vegetables that also regulate it, being women who obtain this benefit more than men because they consume it more.

Kefir is a fermented drink that has many similarities to yogurt.  - Photo: Getty Images
Photo reference on yogurt. – Photo: PhotoGettyimages

The British outlet quotes researcher Justin Buendía, from the Boston University, in the United States, which specifies that the previous statement was the result of two studies, where the first was carried out with approximately 240,000 nurses who were in an age range between 25 and 55 years; while the second investigation focuses on men who did not exceed 75 years of age.

According to the media, one of the explanations attributed to yogurt is that it does not allow the arteries to thicken, which through fermentation with bacteria helps reduce high cholesterol, and therefore relax the arteries, controlling blood pressure. of blood over blood vessels.

Experts from the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit organization, emphasize that normal blood pressure is when it does not exceed 120/80 mm.  Photo: Gettyimages.
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It is then that this study opens a space within science for another analysis of this food, the types that exist and what is its real benefit on health, however, it highlights that other investigations affirm that the regular consumption of yogurt helps to :

  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis: according to the mayo clinicOsteoporosis affects the bones, weakening them, causing fractures due to slight movements. The entity explains that these injuries are recurrent in the wrists, spine and hip.

The American entity explains that osteoporosis occurs “when the generation of new bone is slower than the loss of old bone.”

It is important to consult a doctor.
It is important to consult a doctor. – Photo: Getty Images
  • Reduce the cholesterol: the United States Library of Medicine, MedlinePlusexplains that cholesterol “is a waxy, fat-like substance found in every cell in your body,” which is needed to make and form hormones that along with vitamin D help “digest food.”

Of note, high cholesterol levels can form a plaque that sticks in blood vessels that can lead to heart problems.

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Photo reference on yogurt. – Photo: Getty Images

There are three types of cholesterol: HDL, which is considered good; LDL, which is characterized by being bad and which must be regulated so as not to cause heart disease, and VLDL low-density lipoprotein, says the American entity on its web portal,

Finally, It cannot be denied that the consumption of yogurt has been attributed other benefits such as the improvement of intestinal transit, counteracted, complications in the intestine such as infections or inflammations, since it improves the microbiota, being a probiotic. It even stands out in strengthening cognitive abilities thanks to the B complex vitamin that composes it.

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