This was Jenna Ortega’s mom’s reaction when she saw her daughter smoking

popular actresses last week Jenna Ortega The actress was photographed in Notting Hill, London Gideon Alden Enjoying a few drinks and, to the surprise of many, smoking a cigarette.

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hero of marlina She is 20 years old and already an adult to decide what is best for her health, but fans began to criticize Jenna’s attitude, but the harshest criticism came from her mother, Natalie Ortega,

Jenna Ortega was photographed smoking and her mother came out to criticize her

mother of jena She joined the reactions to her daughter’s images and took the opportunity, as she is a nurse, to send a message to young people, as she believes this habit is particularly harmful, concluding that The best thing to say is that despite the fact that many people are actually in the grip of nicotine addiction, say no to cigarettes.

Jenna Ortega. Photo: Instagram @jennaortega

Natalie Ortega He highlighted all the bad things about smoking, like the increased chance of developing lung cancer, teeth and gum problems, cataracts and brittle bones. Jenna’s mom also specifically pointed out that smoking is not a cause for concern.

a post from Natalie Ortega In this, Gollum of the Lord of the Rings saga, as its protagonist, said that we should not assume that cigarettes cause harm because he has been smoking cigarettes for years and is in perfect condition. There is no need to explain how pathetic the condition of villains in directed films is. peter jackson,

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Finally, the mother of Jenna Ortega Shared a touching quote: “A mother is always a mother. “He never stops worrying about his children, even when they are adults and have children of their own.” The woman clarified that her intention was for her daughter’s fans to listen to her and know that smoking is indeed harmful to health.

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